Research Group

Current Members


Dr. Eddie Wai Chi Chan
Post-doctoral researcher

Fabrication of device for the capture and release of cfDNA,

Synthesis of functionalization of novel, processable conducting polymers



Dr. Bicheng Zhu
Post-doctoral researcher

Conducting polymer-based biosensors




Peikai Zhang
Post-doctoral researcher

Direct writing of 3D conducting
polymer arrays for cell sensing and stimulating



Sara Beikzadeh
PhD Student

Design of novel antibacterial platforms based on capacitive materials, Antibacterial supercapacitors

Development of electrospun nanofibers for active packaging


Jesna Ashraf
PhD Student

Capture and release of biological targets using conducting polymer functionalized substrates with antifouling properties




Sheung Yin Li

PhD Student

Smart Wine Juice Filter incorporated with Conjugated Polymer grafted with Anti-fouling Polymer Brushes




Xin Sun

PhD Student

Biopolymer-based degradable organic electronics




Hui Yang

PhD Student

Stimuli-responsive colloids for sustainable chemistry







PhD Student

Conducting polymers delivery platform for wound healing







Dr. Alireza Akbarinejad

Post-doctoral researcher

Multifunctional Electrospun Fiber Interfaces for Selective Capture/Release and Direct Detection of Exosomes


 Valentina Lucarelli

Development of aptamer-based sensing device for mammalian pests detection

DNA aptamers and their application in biosensor platforms


Jamal Cheema
PhD Student

Utilizing Conducting Polymers for Electrochemical Biosensing Applications


Dr. Paul Baek

Research Officer, Post-doctoral researcher

Self-healing systems based on conducting polymers



Dr. Thomas Kerr-Phillips
Post-doctoral researcher

ATRP functionalisation and electrospinning of conducting polymers for smart materials




Dr. Seyoung Kee
Post-doctoral researcher

3D conducting polymer probe electrodes for cell recording and stimulating




Guangyuan Xu


Dr. Guangyuan Xu
PhD student

Graphene for use in novel biological sensing



Dr. Alissa Hackett

PhD student

Switchable surfaces based on conducting polymers





Dr. Roshan Khadka
PhD student

Development of olfactory receptor-based biosensors
Conducting polymer actuators



Min Wang-2

Min Wang
PhD Student

Stretchy, sticky, self-healing organic electronics




Dr. Mahsa Moteshakeri

PhD student

PEDOT- Modified Electrochemical Sensors for Uric Acid Analysis in Milk



Dr. Nihan Aydemir

PhD student

Stretchable Conducting Polymers and composite electrodes



Zahraa AL-Ghaus, Post-doctoral researcher-Surface modification of polymer for quantitating circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA)

Qiang Zhang, PhD student, Antimicrobial polymers and surface presentation

Lenny Voorhaar, Post-doctoral researcher
Stretchy, sticky, self-healing organic electronics

Eddie Chan, PhD student,
Electrospun nanofibers for tissue engineering

Mona Damavanti, PhD student,
Synthesis of novel water soluble conjugated polymers based on polyphenylene vinylene and polyphenylene ethynylene

Ying Li, Visting student
Preperation and application of fluorescent carbon nanoparticles

Wouter Nielen, Visiting student
Functionalized conductive polymers

Dr. Jenny Malmström, Post-doctoral researcher
Current projects: “Polymer brushes grafted from conductive polymer substrates for switchable surfaces and cell adhesion”, and “Exploiting protein self-assembly in a block co-polymer matrix and from a seeded surface: towards bottom up assembly of bionanomaterials”

Lisa Strover, PhD Student
Electrochemically active graft-copolymer brushes for functional surfaces

Omer Chaudhary, PhD Student
Nano/micro-fabrication of polymer based bio-mimetic adhesives

Margaux Airey, Undergraduate Summer Research Student
Graft copolymer brush synthesis by electrochemically-mediated ATRP

Fergus Roache, Undergraduate Research Student
Exploiting protein self-assembly in a block co-polymer matrix

Anupama Rao Gulur Srinivas, PhD
Miniaturized optical DNA sensors based on conjugated polymers

Alexandro Santos Costa, PhD
Conducting polymers actuators

Yiwen (Angela) PeiPhD
Synthesis and characterization of polymer brush-grafted conducting polymers and their application in electrochemical control of surface wettability

Bhuvaneswari Kannan, PhD
Development of highly sensitive, label-free DNA sensors based on conducting polymers

Norizah Abdul Rahman, PhD
Electrospun conducting polymer nanofibers for biomedical applications

Marsilea Booth, PhD
Developing a triad of DNA sensors to analyse forensically important samples — polypyrrole, metal-ion implantation and resistive pulse sensing

Karthik Kannappan, PhD
Design studies towards mixers and pumps based on electrochemically active conducting polymers for microfluidic devices

Cosmin LaslauPhD
Novel fabrication and characterization methods for conducting polymer nanostructures and microstructures

Darren SvirskisPhD
Development of a novel drug delivery system based on conducting polymers

John Spires, PhD
Synthesis, characterisation and application of functionalised thiophene-based conducting polymers as DNA sensors

Lijuan Zhang, Post-doctoral researcher
Nanostructured polymers

Clément Roux, Post-doctoral researcher
Polymer brushes grafted from conducting polymers for switchable surface applications

Tanja Kjällman, PhD
Surface-immobilized hairpin DNA sensors for direct and specific detection of target DNA

Hui Peng, Post-doctoral researcher
DNA biosensors / Quantum dots

Andreas Gabriel
Polyaniline and its use in corrosion prevention

KC Li, Lab technician

Chu Kuen Ong
Composites incorporating polypyrrole

Joy Hsu
Antioxidant films

Jing Sui